Lokal med föremål från utställningen Borderland.
Lokal med föremål från utställningen Borderland.

Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy, The Body is a Big Place, 2011-2013.

Culture Night Stockholm

Opening night at The Cell on April 20th during Culture Night. A new life science stage takes shape and promises to offer something extraordinary. At the heart of the experience is Australian artist Helen Pynor with her exhibition “Borderlands,” a deep dive into the borderland between life and death.

Free entrance 20 of april 2024 18.00-00.00

Två människor, en kvinna och en man, som andas i ett rör för att symbolisera hur luft rör sig mellan människor i rum

Visitors are welcome to explore the exhibition ”Borderlands” throughout the evening and meet the artist Helen Pynor in three special "meet and greet" sessions. It's an opportunity not only to observe the artworks but also to delve into the artist's thoughts and inspiration behind the pieces.

Helen Pynor, 93% Human, 2023.

Ansiktsmask, ett föremål som finns i The cell. Bilden har färgglatts i blåa och röda toner.

During Culture Night at The Cell, there's more to offer. Between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, visitors can participate in FieldLab at the Institute of Bio Electronic Studies with Candyland.

Here, exciting experiments within the human bioelectrical field are offered, where autonomous impulses are visualized in real-time. It's a unique opportunity to explore the interface between biology and technology and perhaps gain a new understanding of the fascinating complexity of the human body.

Kyckling som ligger på ett bord där den saknar fjädrar nedre delen av kroppen.

The borderland between life and death is a universal and timeless inquiry that affects us all in different ways. Through art and science, efforts are made here to approach these existential themes in a new and profound manner.

So seize the opportunity to participate in Stockholm Culture Night 2024 at The Cell and allow yourself to be moved by art, science, and the profound questions surrounding life and death. It's an evening that promises to be memorable and may leave a lasting impact on your view of the world and the human condition.

Helen Pynor, The End is s Distant Memory, 2016.