AI genererad bild som föreställer bakterier
AI genererad bild som föreställer bakterier

AI genererad bild

The Cell – A stage for life science

Life science is an endlessly fascinating continent that has been explored for millennia by thinkers, experimenters, and practitioners. The inexhaustible desire to understand and explore more, both for researchers and for the broader public, is a constant driving force.

Our lives are closely intertwined with other people, species, and organisms, as well as with the air, water, and earth. This coexistence extends throughout our lifetime.

We depend on each other and our environment for our well-being and survival, and our relationships shape and influence us in various ways. We are part of a larger community, both before birth, during life, and even after we leave this world. Without others, we are nothing.

In The Cell, we create a meeting place where researchers, artists, students, schoolchildren, and the general public can learn, be inspired, explore, and discuss.

In the first year, we focus on the theme of existence, where art, culture, and humanities illuminate and problematize scientific and technical research. We challenge mindsets, raise questions, and twist and turn answers.

The Cell is part of the National Museum of Science and Technology with the Karolinska Institute as a knowledge partner. The Cell has been made possible through a generous contribution from the Wallenberg Foundations.